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Still feeling like ‘it’s not a pond unless you dig?’  Here’s your pond!

Our 1200 gallon pond is partially dug into the ground.  The frame is the same as the 800 gallon (9′ wide and 32″ high), the liner is extended down an additional 15″ into a hole dug into the ground beneath the pond.  You end up with a full 45″ of water depth.

You can also vary the height of the frame and the depth of the liner in the ground.  By simply not using all of the included cedar side rails, you can adjust the frame height to be the perfect fit for you!  If you lower the frame, the liner in the ground will be deeper, which might also be more desirable for some folks in cooler climates.

If you’re looking for a practical, attractive pond solution for a lot of big fish, this pond will work perfectly for you.  The pond kit includes a high capacity pond pump that provides 1876 gph water circulation.  This pump will support an additional filtration system, either submersible or external and still have enough capacity left for a big, sparkling fountain.

Maintenance is much easier than with a conventional in-ground pond.  No crawling around on hands and knees and no waders required!


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